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Survival Tools to Protect Biotechnological Innovation


Biotechnological innovations, both in industry and academia, have resulted in scores of lifesaving products and methods. These advances, however, require enormous monetary investments by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, which the companies will make only if there is a possibility of return on the investment – a possibility provided by patent protection.

In the last few years, United States Supreme Court has set a new course. The holdings in Mayo, Myriad, and Alice severely limit the scope of patent-eligible subject matter in ways that have severely undercut the biotechnology and biopharma industries. This presentation explores these cases and reviews the most recent reactions in lower courts and in the USPTO. More importantly, the presentation provides strategies and tactics for ways stakeholders in the biotechnology and biopharma industries can continue to protect innovations under the new regime.

The live presentation of this program was approved for 1.0 hour general CLE credit in California and Illinois, and 1.2 general CLE credit in Missouri.

Betsy Haanes, PhD.

Originally Presented:
November 4, 2015