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Liens from Deferred Estate Tax; Grantor Trusts & Basis Step-Up; Gifts of Business Interests


Drawn from Steve Gorin’s 1st quarter 2023 newsletter, this course discusses liens from deferred estate tax on businesses; irrevocable grantor trusts and basis step-up; charitable gifts of business interests. 

Some business owners rely on estate tax deferral for their business interests.  Most of them are unaware of automatic secret liens and how the IRS’ need to secure payment of estate tax may interfere with their businesses’ ability to retain and expand loans or fidelity bonds.  The IRS recently updated its lien procedures.  We will discuss these issues. 

Revenue Ruling 2023-2 confirmed that assets held in an irrevocable grantor trust do not get a basis step-up merely because the deemed owner died.  We will discuss how premature death can cause a sale to an irrevocable grantor trust to cost more than it saves and discuss how a preferred partnership may be an attractive alternative. 

Finally, we will discuss a recent case that radically departed from precedent regarding when a donor will be taxed on a charity’s sale of a donated asset.  The case also addressed what constitutes “delivery” of stock.  We will discuss planning in light of this case, as well as other issues relating to donating a business interest. 

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Steve Gorin

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Originally Presented:
April 24, 2023