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Thompson Coburn launches legal tech innovation ProjectCRAFT™

June 25, 2019

Thompson Coburn is pleased to announce the launch of ProjectCRAFT™, a collaborative web platform that allows companies to easily handle responses to legal citations and garnishments through a dedicated team of outside counsel while predictably managing their resources.

“CRAFT” stands for “Citation, Review, Analysis, File Submission, and Tracking.” ProjectCRAFT™ provides a streamlined online portal for companies to route routine legal filings for review, assessment and electronic filing by Thompson Coburn attorneys. Clients can track and review pending actions with a suite of alerts, data analytics and tools — available 24/7 from any type of device.


Companies in many industries, including banks and financial institutions, receive numerous citations, garnishments, subpoenas and third-party pleadings each month. These legal matters can crop up whenever a customer, account holder or employee is sued, fined or becomes involved in a legal action.

Through ProjectCRAFT™, Thompson Coburn provides a secure, encrypted site where clients can upload citations and garnishments, fill in a few simple fields, and hit submit. Thompson Coburn’s ProjectCRAFT™ team triages the submissions and seamlessly executes the required legal response — including electronic filing or other appropriate measures.

Features of ProjectCRAFT™:

  • Access to documents, reports, and status 24/7

  • Daily digest subscriptions with links to documents added to the system the prior day

  • Customized citation tracker

  • Robust search capability

  • Real-time analytics via a dashboard

  • Reports and search results can be exported to Excel for additional analysis

  • Q&A module that allows clients to communicate with Thompson Coburn attorneys entirely within the site — no email traffic needed 

About Thompson Coburn

Thompson Coburn is a full-service law firm with nearly 380 attorneys practicing in more than 50 areas of law and offices in Chicago, Los Angeles, Southern Illinois, St. Louis and Washington, D.C. In 2019, the firm was recognized as an ACC Value Champion by the Association of Corporate Counsel, an international honor that recognizes “best-in-class” innovations that drive value and dramatically improve efficiencies within a corporate law department.