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Luke Sosnicki on New California Agency Enforcement Priorities

August 28, 2023

In a new article for Bloomberg Law, Luke Sosnicki, a business litigation partner in Thompson Coburn’s Los Angeles office, discusses how The California Privacy Protection Agency has taken over enforcing consumer privacy rights in the state, succeeding the Attorney General's office and will start to make an immediate impact on personal privacy in California.

While a court ruling has momentarily postponed the enforcement of recent California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) regulations, the agency is gearing up for swift action. The ruling pertains to the timing of enforcement of specific regulations and doesn't affect the CCPA itself or previous regulations. The agency outlined priorities, including companies' privacy policies, consumers' data deletion rights, and consumer access and opt-out requests. The agency plans to hire enforcement staff, indicating increased enforcement potential. The agency's first initiative involves reviewing data privacy practices of connected vehicle manufacturers and related technologies.

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