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Industry Coverage: David Kaufman Discusses Shein IPO

November 29, 2023

Thompson Coburn partner David Kaufman was featured in recent media interviews including Bloomberg, Fortune, Barron's and Glossy on Shein’s US IPO filing. He discussed potential challenges in the process and the unique nature of the filing. At top valuation, Shein would be the fifth-biggest consumer company IPO, but the company must persuade skeptical investors, politicians and regulators.

For Bloomberg, David stated, “One of the biggest disadvantages of an IPO is disclosure and publicity. There’s probably going be a big lobbying effort about why they’re not using forced labor and where they source their cotton, and how all that is changing, with codes of conduct and inspection programs.”

Shein, now headquartered in Singapore, aims to position itself as a global company, but only a few Chinese companies have been allowed to list in the U.S. in recent years. “Is this an opening of the log jam? Are the glory days back? No. This is a unicorn, it’s a unique example, giant and very valuable,” David noted.

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