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Jeff Masson


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Jeff is a litigator, former crop consultant, and agronomic crop specialist. Jeff advises the country's largest agribusinesses to develop effective litigation strategies on a national and global scale. Jeff is a member of the Firm's Management Committee.

Drawing on his in-the-field experience as a former crop consultant and plant specialist, Jeff provides practical, straightforward advice to clients in the agriculture and biotechnology industries. His rare blend of legal and agricultural experience allows him to quickly assess litigation threats, work directly with growers, crop advisors, and product manufacturers and distributers, and converse seamlessly with expert witnesses.

Jeff frequently leads on-the-ground investigations concerning alleged crop damage, yield reduction, and also into the proper channeling of agricultural commodities. Tapping his unique ability to connect and converse with a diverse set of individuals, Jeff settles hundreds of patent infringement, breach of contract, and product liability claims in-person and at very minimal cost to the client. He also uses his ag marketing knowledge to investigate marketing misconduct by authorized vendors of agriculture or food products.

A native of Louisiana, Jeff has authored several academic articles in the subject area of weed science, and frequently speaks on ag law trends at the request of national crop consultant companies, agronomy societies and plant protection boards.

Bowman v. Monsanto (U.S. Supreme Court)

Jeff played an instrumental role in an influential saved seed case that in 2013 resulted in a unanimous ruling from the U.S. Supreme Court for Monsanto. Jeff helped develop the core legal strategy for the case and led the company through six years of appeals. The decision had far-reaching effects for other companies that produce self-replicating technologies such as vaccines and cell lines.


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