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FTC: Even implied messages need explicit disclosures

Mark Sableman October 26, 2017
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The FTC adapted its endorsement rule to social media in 2009. But several issues continue to puzzle many people. First, what kinds of posts are viewed as endorsements? Second, what circumstances short of direct payments require disclosures? Finally, how can the circumstances of endorsements be disclosed in the limited space of social media? READ MORE

Experts make privacy regulation a serious threat

Mark Sableman December 7, 2015

Though government regulators are often far behind on the technology curve, real experts have taken over at several important agencies that regulate conduct on the Internet. READ MORE

FTC says app developers must shine more light on how they use data

Mark Sableman December 12, 2013

Our law generally expects that when private information is collected, users should be given notice of the collection, and a choice about whether to allow it. READ MORE