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Top 10 Sweepstakes Law Blog posts so far

Dale Joerling March 29, 2013

I thought I’d take a break from our Sweepstakes Boot Camp series to look back at the most popular Sweepstakes Law Blog posts over the last year. I ran the analytics on our site, and the results are illuminating.

Our readers are clearly drawn to information about sweepstakes fundamentals, such as registration and consideration. But they’re also interested in more cutting-edge topics, like Facebook promotions and ongoing questions surrounding the concept of vote farming.

I also see that blog visitors flocked to my Q&A with Liz Compton, the chief of the Bureau of Compliance at the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. It appears many of you are keen to know more about marketing promotions in Florida, home to some of the country’s most stringent regulations for sweepstakes and contests.

What other blog topics should I tackle over the next year? E-mail me at djoerling@thompsoncoburn.com, or tweet me a suggestion at @SweepsLawBlog.

Top 10 Sweepstakes Law Blog posts: March 2012-March 2013

  1. Do you need to register your sweepstakes?
  2. Are you violating the Facebook contest rules?
  3. Consider this: How do states define “Consideration”?
  4. Consult this checklist before promoting your next sweepstakes
  5. 5 pitfalls of refer-a-friend sweepstakes options
  6. ‘Void in California’ no more: Alcohol beverage producers free to market sweepstakes
  7. Lawyer who lost $100,000 contest prize spurs debate about ‘vote farming’
  8. The IRS wins every sweepstakes
  9. An exclusive interview with Florida’s top sweepstakes regulator – Part One
  10. An exclusive interview with Florida’s top sweepstakes regulator – Part Two

Dale Joerling is the chair of Thompson Coburn’s Advertising, Marketing and Promotion Law group. He is editorial director of the Sweepstakes Law Blog. You can find Dale on  and Twitter, and reach him at (314) 552-6058 or djoerling@thompsoncoburn.com.