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National Policy Perspectives on Cybersecurity


Every college and university is confronted with cybersecurity challenges. While local culture or institutional mission might cause individual institutions to prepare and react differently, there are opportunities for standardizing and supporting higher education at a national level. Federal cybersecurity legislation, especially in the areas of data breach notification and information sharing, could provide incentives for better cybersecurity practices.

Frameworks such as the NIST Framework for Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity or Standards like PCI could lead to more common approaches and solutions across sectors. Cyber vulnerability and incident information sharing when supported by the right liability protections and when accessible in automated formats can lead to more actionable intelligence. There are also opportunities for collaborations and shared services at the state, regional, and national level that we are only beginning to fully explore. This webinar will provide an overview of national initiatives and opportunities that can improve cybersecurity on campuses throughout the country.

CLE credit is no longer available for this recording.

Ken Salomon 
Rodney Petersen
Eric Burger

Originally Presented:
October 23, 2014