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Ken Salomon


Washington, D.C.
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Ken has spent his entire legal career in the public and private sectors in Washington, DC and has a thorough understanding and appreciation of how lobbying can advance client needs and interests.

He has helped clients in a variety of sectors—including e-commerce, higher education, technology, telecommunications, health care and intellectual property—develop and implement winning lobbying strategies by crafting and implementing innovative approaches to affect the formation of public policy in the U.S. Congress and the administration.

Some of Ken's most recent successes involved advancing the role of nonprofit student loan servicers, addressing the question of state taxation of the remote sale of products over the Internet and limiting the problem of "naked" short selling of publicly traded securities. Ken has handled other major government relations projects, such as securing the change to federal law to enable e-learning students to receive federal financial aid, securing an exemption for Canadian steel companies from U.S. government import quota programs and winning congressional approval during the transition from analog to digital television to create a more than $2 billion voucher program that enabled every American to purchase the necessary equipment.

Ken is the treasurer and a board member of Thompson Coburn's PAC (TCPAC), which supports government relations activities of clients. He was a professorial lecturer on International Telecommunications at the Johns Hopkins University School for Advanced International Studies for several years. Ken is an elected member of the Ethics Committee of the United States Olympic and Paralympic Committee.


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