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Title IX Module 3: Title IX Investigations & Informal Resolutions


On August 14, 2020, the U.S. Department of Education’s new and controversial Title IX Rule concerning allegations of sexual harassment takes effect. To assist institutions of higher education working to comply with the new rule, Thompson Coburn’s Higher Education Practice has created a free, online lecture series that provides foundational training for those individuals who will be administering the new Title IX process this fall, including Title IX coordinators, investigators, advisors, hearing officers, and appeal officers.  

Pursuant to the new rule, colleges and universities are required to train these individuals to carry out their roles. The training must cover certain, specified concepts, and institutions must post any training materials they use to their external websites, making them available to the public. Thompson Coburn’s training series has been designed specifically to assist institutions with fulfilling these requirements.  

In the Investigations and Informal Resolutions module, Susan Lorenc, Scott Goldschmidt, and Aaron Lacey explain the new regulation’s requirements for investigations of formal complaints of Title IX sexual harassment. The module explores key concepts, notice requirements, confidentiality, evidence, serving impartially, issues of relevance, interviews, credibility determinations, collection and review of documentation, and writing investigative reports. The module also explains the regulation’s requirements regarding informal resolutions. 

Aaron Lacey
Susan Lorenc
Scott Goldschmidt

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Originally Presented:
July 15, 2020