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Susan is a highly experienced employment law attorney who serves as a seamless extension of her clients' HR and in-house legal teams. Said one HR director and longtime client, "Susan consistently provides insights that have helped our company save money and proactively deal with legal matters. We love working with her and the entire team at Thompson Coburn."

Susan is the Co-Vice Chair of Thompson Coburn's Labor and Employment department and leads the practice group in Chicago. She guides clients through every stage of the employee life cycle, from issues surrounding hiring and firing, workplace investigations and policies, and representation in state and federal courts on employment litigation matters.

For companies with five employees to those with 5,000, Susan provides day-to-day counseling on a wide variety of matters including background checks, discrimination, retaliation, enforcement of covenants not to compete, wage and hours issues, and family and medical leave. Working closely with a company's human resources department, Susan offers responsive, practical guidance that is shaped by an organization's ultimate goals — not the other way around.

Susan's practice spans from the board room to the courtroom. She has negotiated employment and severance agreements and is frequently called upon to handle employment aspects of a merger or acquisition. She is then able to pivot and successfully defended employers in state and federal court, including numerous appeals before the 7th Circuit, in addition to mediations and arbitrations.

In recent years, Susan has developed special experience in employer obligations for background checks and the Fair Credit Report Act, and unique issues surrounding remote work arrangements — both areas of increased enforcement by the EEOC. She has also spoken extensively and counseled employers on sexual harassment prevention and the impact of legalized medical marijuana laws on workplace policies.

Susan is a lifelong learner who loves to be challenged. She was drawn to the employment field because of her passion to engage with people and effectively handle the complex problems and opportunities that arise for employers in all industries and work settings.

Dismissal of failure to hire discrimination case affirmed by 7th Circuit

Obtained a partial verdict in an FMLA inference case in federal court jury trial

Obtained a completely favorable jury verdict in sexual harassment suit in Cook County

Granting of summary judgment in wrongful demotion suit affirmed by 7th Circuit

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