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Recent Updates in Illinois Law


Recently, the State of Illinois and the City of Chicago amended several crucial laws that heavily impact employers in Illinois and those with employees in the City of Chicago. These changes include new amendments to the Illinois Equal Pay Act, which now requires that covered employers must apply for an equal pay registration certificate with the State of Illinois every two years, and new requirements for restrictive covenants under Illinois Freedom to Work Act, including an employee threshold requirement for entering into such agreements. Changes in the law also include an expansion of the Child Bereavement Leave Act, which provides new leave entitlements to eligible employees, and updates to the City of Chicago’s Human Rights Ordinance, which imposes new policy, training, and notice requirements on employers who have employees in the City of Chicago. Thompson Coburn’s Labor and Employment Practice invites you to join us for webinar on July 7, 2022, during which we will discuss in further detail these recent updates in the law which are bound to impact employers who have employees in Illinois and/or the City of Chicago.

California: 1.0 general
Illinois: 1.0 general
Missouri: 1.2 general
New York: 1.0 PM/PP (experienced and transitional)
Texas: 1.0 general

Susan Lorenc
Zoe Spector

Thursday, July 7, 2022

Begins at 12:00 PM Central Time