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Webinar will review attorney client privilege for in-house counsel

October 15, 2013

John Kingston
John Kingston

Do you know how to avoid traps and preserve the attorney client privilege as in-house counsel? That’s the topic Thompson Coburn attorney John Kingston will cover in his Oct. 17 webinar, “Preserving the Attorney Client Privilege.”
In this free TCLE webinar, John will give a comprehensive overview of the challenges in-house counsel face when seeking to invoke and preserve what has been described as the oldest of the privileges to common law: communications between attorneys and their clients.
In general, communications between corporate counsel and their clients are protected from public exposure. But applying the privilege in the corporate context can present traps for the unwary. John will address privilege preservation issues uniquely relevant to in-house counsel:

  • How to approach the blurry line between business and legal advice
  • How to handle disclosures to third-party consultants
  • The unique privilege concerns raised by internal investigations

The webinar will address these issues and present a forum for addressing participant questions posed related to this thorny and evolving area of law.