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Associate Development Program

We understand that success is not only about knowing the law. It is also about how well attorneys communicate that knowledge, how they come to understand their clients‘ legal and business needs, and how successful they are at building trusted relationships.

To that end, we have made a significant investment in the creation of a unique program designed to support our associates in their development as successful lawyers and professionals. In addition to a strong mentoring system, we offer a training curriculum that focuses on business and social communications, networking and business development, time and stress management, presentation delivery, and business etiquette. We want our future partners to be successful and confident in all facets of their lives - professional, social and personal.

We also provide a full range of continuing legal education programs for all of our lawyers. For example, in the area of litigation, we provide new lawyers with weekly training and orientation sessions on courtroom and trial procedures in the first few months of joining the litigation department and continue with regular monthly and quarterly learning events tailored to the particular skill set of the experience level of the lawyer. We also have individualized training with the use of professional trial academies and mock trial training programs. The corporate practice consists of a wide variety of practice areas which also provide new attorneys with tailored instructional programs.