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Cybersecurity Bits and Bytes

Cybersecurity Bits and Bytes

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Yet another Target settlement highlights data breach costs

Mark Mattingly Matt Hafter June 12, 2017
gavel with money

In what appears to be the closing act of the saga that is the Target data breach, on May 23 the retailer announced it had reached a historic $18.5 million settlement agreement with a coalition of 47 states’ attorneys general. It is almost certainly only a matter of time before the settlement is eclipsed by another major data breach. READ MORE

Is breach mitigation the next wave of cybersecurity regulation?

February 9, 2017
data privacy

More and more, regulators are focusing their rulemaking power not just on how a company responds (or doesn’t respond) to a data breach, but the steps it took far in advance to prevent or mitigate such a breach. READ MORE