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Internet Law Twists & Turns

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Muting Misinformation: Resources for identifying and dealing with misinformation

Mark Sableman September 8, 2020
Illustration of a figure with a TV head speaking through a megaphone, and someone changing the channel

We may be on our own in the world of internet misinformation, but an expert industry is developing about how to spot it and how to better understand the strange world of information on the internet. READ MORE

Balancing the data privacy debate: The benefits of big (and little) data

Mark Sableman April 11, 2014

Privacy advocates like the Center for Democracy and Technology have so far effectively won the agenda-setting contest on privacy, and the so-called Big Data industry is on the defensive. The data privacy policy discussion, however, needs to hear more from data use advocates. Theirs is an essential and largely neglected voice in policy debate on this important issue. READ MORE