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FTC sets new standard for mobile app location tracking – indirectly

Mark Sableman September 14, 2016
illustration of a mobile app displaying geolocation

A recent FTC complaint indirectly lays out important new national standards for how geolocation information may be collected from mobile devices. READ MORE

Is the Internet expanding privacy expectations?

Mark Sableman January 22, 2016

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, our expectations of privacy are not steadily and uniformly shrinking. In some cases, they are expanding. READ MORE

FTC eyes endorsements: #ILoveThisProduct!

Jennifer Visintine September 22, 2015

Generally, the FTC prohibits unfair and deceptive acts or practices. When it comes to endorsements of products or services — whether by celebrities or others — the FTC’s endorsement guidelines and FAQs explain some types of activities that might be considered deceptive, and how to handle different situations. READ MORE

The changing faces of facial recognition

Mark Sableman August 11, 2015

Like other new digital technologies, facial recognition will soon develop robust commercial applications. And the privacy implications of those applications could raise serious concerns, and difficult policy choices. READ MORE

Certifying privacy compliance: Is TRUSTe sufficiently trusty?

Mark Sableman November 26, 2014

TRUSTe’s recent settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, and its admission that it didn’t always carry out annual recertifications of its clients, illustrates, to some extent, how tough it is to find hard-and-fast assurances in the privacy world. READ MORE

The newest mobile privacy issue: Tracking shoppers’ footsteps in stores

Mark Sableman March 6, 2014

As a modern American, you are carrying a smart phone that is constantly broadcasting its presence and the unique persistent identifier (MAC address) by which it is known, to the wireless world. You are broadcasting, and, in many cases, the stores are listening. READ MORE

Blogging, native advertising, and the new world of regulating internet advertising

Mark Sableman October 25, 2013
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Amid the exploding content of the Internet era, it turns out we need a special rule for that most basic question: What is advertising or promotion? READ MORE