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Internet Law Twists & Turns

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Muting Misinformation: What’s the role of social media companies?

Mark Sableman August 17, 2020
Illustration of a figure with a TV head speaking through a megaphone, and someone changing the channel

In Part 2 of our series on political misinformation, we explore if social media companies can be relied upon to vet and clean up their content during the 2020 political campaign. READ MORE

DOJ Section 230 report unintentionally highlights dangers of internet heckler’s vetoes

Mark Sableman July 10, 2020
Illustration of small person with megaphone talking to large person

The report of Attorney General William Barr’s Department of Justice on Section 230, our basic Internet law, acknowledges a key need for Section 230, even while it recommends beginning to dismantle it, brick-by-brick. READ MORE