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New copyright compendium provides some answers for website owners

Mark Sableman September 8, 2014
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The manual, which focuses on issues that the copyright office handles in the course of processing applications for copyright registrations, is helpful on some Internet-related copyright concerns. READ MORE

Seventh Circuit says Sherlock Holmes is still copyright-free

Mark Sableman June 24, 2014
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The decision includes a strong warning that extending copyright protection as requested by the Doyle estate would be a “two-edged sword,” because it would reduce the incentive of subsequent authors to create derivative works, increase the costs of new authorship, and incentivize successful authors to extend old characters rather than create stories with entirely new characters. READ MORE

Sherlock Holmes and the case of the split copyright personality

Mark Sableman January 28, 2014

In the eyes of the law, Sherlock Holmes resides not so much on Baker Street as in two different copyright worlds. Four novels and 46 short stories are currently in the public domain. But 10 short stories are still under copyright protection. So what does that make Sherlock? READ MORE