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Balancing the data privacy debate: The benefits of big (and little) data

Mark Sableman April 11, 2014

Privacy advocates like the Center for Democracy and Technology have so far effectively won the agenda-setting contest on privacy, and the so-called Big Data industry is on the defensive. The data privacy policy discussion, however, needs to hear more from data use advocates. Theirs is an essential and largely neglected voice in policy debate on this important issue. READ MORE

FTC says app developers must shine more light on how they use data

Mark Sableman December 12, 2013

Our law generally expects that when private information is collected, users should be given notice of the collection, and a choice about whether to allow it. READ MORE

Poorly drafted privacy terms can stymie opportunities

Mark Sableman August 21, 2013
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Companies that are required to have website privacy polices should take special care in drafting, vetting, and revising website terms and privacy policies. READ MORE