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Commercial landlords: Time to tighten up your lease waivers of liability?

Jeff Brown January 5, 2021
Empty warehouse floor

The California Court of Appeal recently upheld an exculpatory clause which spared the landlord from a tenant’s claim for personal injuries resulting from allegedly defective conditions of the leased premises. The case is a reminder for landlords to go back to their lease forms and make sure that they are getting the most exculpatory protection they can. READ MORE

Why plaintiffs should think twice before recording a lis pendens

Jeff Brown May 6, 2020
Commercial real estate building for rent

In Goens v. Blood, the United States District Court of the Southern District of California recently held that commercial tenants cannot record lis pendens where they fail to sufficiently allege a real property claim under California’s lis pendens statute, as opposed to lawsuits that are essentially fraud actions seeking monetary damages with constructive trust allegations appended. READ MORE

Ghost kitchens: A scary-good real estate opportunity in California

October 7, 2019
Photo of commercial kitchen with chefs blurred from movement

While the concepts of commissary kitchens for food preparation and food delivery are nothing new, the volume and velocity thanks to ecommerce create a challenge for restaurants to keep pace. Ghost kitchens answer these needs, but create unique real estate opportunities for zoning, building code compliance, and licensing. READ MORE

Commercial landlords should add a waiver of Civil Code Section 1950.7

Jeff Brown September 26, 2018
Downtown Los Angeles commercial buildings

Waiving Section 1950.7 helps landlords avoid returning portions of security deposits when they could be used to offset anticipated damages after a tenant has abandoned a premises. Without a waiver, options become limited. READ MORE