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Congressional Review Act

U.S. Capital building at dusk

In this month's Wonkology, we discuss a process that allows Congress to nullify a federal agency regulation by submitting a joint resolution of disapproval for the president to sign. READ MORE

Legislative Day

U.S. capitol dome

In this month's Wonkology, we discuss the a legislative day, a period of time that begins when a chamber of Congress gavels into session and ends when the chamber formally adjourns. READ MORE

Manager's Amendment

Capitol at night

What is a manager's amendment? A package of amendments introduced by the chair or lead sponsor of a piece of legislation. READ MORE

President Pro Tempore

The U.S. Constitution

Who is the President Pro Tempore, and what are their duties? Find out in this month's Wonkology! READ MORE

State of the Union

U.S. Capitol

In this month's Wonkology, our Lobbying & Policy team discuss the State of the Union address and it's origins. READ MORE