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Presidential Electors

Ben Grove Christopher Murray November 3, 2020
Capitol at night

In this month’s Wonkology, we discuss Presidential Electors, the individuals selected to vote for president and vice president in the Electoral College. READ MORE

Election Day

Christopher Murray Ben Grove November 8, 2016
Illustration of voters submitting ballots

Today is Election Day, but why is that? Learn more about the history of Election Day in this month's Wonkology from our Lobbying & Policy team. READ MORE

Thurmond Rule

Christopher Murray Ben Grove March 15, 2016
Cherry blossoms leaning over reflecting pool near Jefferson Memorial

According to the Appointments Clause of the Constitution, the President shall nominate Supreme Court justices with the "advice and consent" of the Senate. Every Supreme Court nominee in US history received a vote by the Senate within 125 calendar days. READ MORE