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The ABCs of REAs


Although it would be nice if every contract ran smoothly and as predicted from start to finish, that rarely happens. Fortunately, the standard Federal Government contract contains a “Changes” clause that is designed to compensate contractors for both time and money when the Government changes the contractor’s scope of work. Sometimes a change is made formally, but it frequently comes about as a “constructive change.” Recognizing a change, and knowing how and when to pursue relief via a Request for Equitable Adjustment (REA), are critical to a contractor’s survival.

This webinar will explain how the “Changes” clause is supposed to work, what a contractor can do to make sure changes are recognized early, the reasons why relief should be sought through an REA rather than by filing a claim, and how to prepare an effective REA. 

This webinar will cover:

  • How to recognize a change under the “Changes” clause
  • The basic elements of an REA 
  • How and when an REA should be used
  • The difference between an REA and a claim
  • How to prepare an effective REA

The live presentation of this webinar was approved for 1.0 hour general CLE credit in California and Illinois and 1.2 hours of general CLE credit in Missouri. CLE credit is no longer available for this recording.

Jeff Newman
Jayna Rust

Originally Presented:
April 9, 2019