2019 Labor, Employment, and Benefits Law Seminar Materials
TC HR Seminar

Thank you for attending our 2019 Labor, Employment, and Benefits Law Seminar, held on April 11, 2019. Below you will find materials from the sessions covering three tracks of programming. For more information on any of these topics, please feel free to reach out to the presenters listed here, or your Thompson Coburn attorney.

Deep-Seeded: Understanding Implicit Bias

Presented by Laura Jordan, R. Nelson Williams, and Dr. Juanita Simmons

Staking Broken Stems: Employer Responses to the Opioid Crisis

Presented by Lori Jones

Plowing Through Pre-Employment Issues Before Sowing the Workplace with New Employees

Presented by Susan Lorenc and Ryan Gehbauer  

Nest Eggs – Recent Changes for 401(k) Plans

Presented by Michael Lane

Pest Control for California Employers

Presented by Art Silbergeld

More Sun or Shade? Exploring the Employer's Duty to Provide Reasonable Accommodations to Employees

Presented by Tabitha Davisson and Conor Neusel

Pruning or Deadheading? What Did Congress Do to the Affordable Care Act?

Presented by Trish Winchell and Cathy Conrad

A New Genus of Claim in the Garden – No-Poaching Agreements

Presented by Cliff Godiner

Budding Legal Issues Involving Employee Separation and Arbitration Agreements

Presented by Chuck Poplstein and Krissa Lubben

Growing in a Hostile Environment

Presented by Kelly Simon, Melinda Potmesil, and Martha Mendez-Fischer

Cash Crop: Federal Wage and Hour Developments

Presented by Laura Jordan and Cliff Godiner

Weed Control

Presented by John Viola and Mickey Moore of Tomo Drug Testing

Perennial Issues at the NLRB: Handbooks, Joint-Employer, and Independent Contractor Standards

Presented by Tim Sarsfield, Mike Duffee, and Hope Abramov

Come Out Smelling Like a Rose: Topical Questions and Answers About Sick Leave, #MeToo Investigations, and Wage and Hour Issues

Presented by Jennifer Baetje and Colin Pajda

These materials are intended for information only and should not be considered legal advice. If you desire legal advice for a particular situation, you should consult an attorney.