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Nine Bankruptcy Code amendments included in latest appropriations bill

David Warfield David Farrell December 28, 2020

On December 27, the Consolidated Appropriation Act was signed into law. In addition to funding the federal government in 2021 and providing COVID-related relief to individuals and businesses, the new law amends the Bankruptcy Code in at least nine respects. A brief description of the amendments is included in this article. READ MORE

The Federal Priority Act: How ‘secure’ is a secured creditor if the debtor is subject to a federal claim or investigation?

Claire Schenk October 10, 2018
two arms carving up piles of money - one is Uncle Sam

Under the Federal Priority Act, the government gets paid first if it has an outstanding claim when businesses or individuals become insolvent. But a review of relevant case law suggests that creditors who hold a prior perfected interest in a debtor’s real or personal property may still have a fighting chance in an ensuing priority battle. READ MORE