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Cybersecurity Bits and Bytes

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NIST announces collaborative privacy framework initiative

James Shreve September 11, 2018
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The framework is significant for several reasons and is intended to help organizations manage the data privacy risks they are now exposed to more than ever thanks to new technologies. READ MORE

The serious security vulnerabilities of mobile devices

Mark Sableman September 28, 2016
illustration of a mobile device with a key "locked" into it

A new report from NIST highlights the many security threats associated with mobile devices. These threats are even more concerning for businesses whose employees use unsecured mobile devices to conduct business or send communications about proprietary or financial information. READ MORE

NIST and FAIR develop tool to merge cybersecurity risk standards

August 12, 2016

A set of joint resources from NIST and FAIR can help cybersecurity professionals to both prioritize risks in their organization and allocate security resources to the most critical areas of exposure. READ MORE