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California Attorney General submits final CCPA regulations for review

California state capital building and California flag

On June 1, California Attorney General Xavier Becerra submitted final CCPA regulations for review by the Office of Administrative Law. The final regulations are substantively the same as the second modified regulations that the AG released back in March, but the timing of the release creates new questions. READ MORE

California Attorney General releases second set of modifications to CCPA

A statue of Justice in front of the California flag

The California Attorney General released a new set of proposed modifications to the California Consumer Privacy Act, following the Attorney General’s proposed regulations released on October 10, 2019. The new modifications include some welcome changes for businesses and clarifying language for a number of the law’s sections. READ MORE

California Attorney General releases modifications to proposed CCPA regulations

Luke Sosnicki James Shreve February 12, 2020

On February 7, California’s Attorney General released modified proposed regulations implementing the California Consumer Privacy Act. Many of the revisions can be reasonably interpreted to lessen the burden on businesses attempting to comply with the CCPA. READ MORE

CCPA: The next horizon for M&A deals in California and beyond

Jennifer Post Luke Sosnicki December 10, 2019
Padlock sitting on a motherboard

Recent polls suggest that many companies covered by the CCPA are not yet compliant, creating interesting issues and pitfalls for merger & acquisition deals beginning in 2020. With the CCPA taking effect on January 1, the implications for covered business and those acquiring or merging with them deserve careful consideration. READ MORE

California ballot initiative would further strengthen the state’s consumer privacy laws

Luke Sosnicki James Shreve October 3, 2019
Illustration of a computer with a lock and chain around it

Before the CCPA has even gone into effect, privacy advocates have already introduced new legislation further tightening California’s consumer laws. The vast majority of the new initiative would impose additional requirements on companies that want to do business with California consumers. READ MORE

CFPB final rule cuts costs and headaches from annual privacy notices

James Shreve August 21, 2018
Cybersecurity_default blog

The CFPB’s long-awaited final rule affecting when financial institutions need to send out annual privacy notices is here. Our Cybersecurity Bits & Bytes blog has a great summary of the new rule and how it could save significant time and money for regulated institutions. READ MORE