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Are campaigns running on infringement?

Mark Sableman August 29, 2018
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As we move further into a political season, candidates will inevitably use copyrighted materials without authorization — a practice used by most campaigns in the recent past. READ MORE

Copyright Office changes procedures for DMCA agent designations


Operators of websites that allow — or may allow in the future — user postings of any kind should take care to electronically register their DMCA agent, and institute proper reminder procedures so that they process the required renewal filings in the future. READ MORE

Political campaigns face copyright and robocall liabilities

Mark Sableman July 26, 2016

Copyright compliance seems to be a particular bugaboo in the political field. Practically every election year, candidates are accused of infringing music and other copyrights. READ MORE

Midnight in Paris ruling: Proof that the copyright conundrum isn’t dead, or past

Mark Sableman July 24, 2013

The case hinged on this Faulkner quotation: “The past is not dead. It’s not even past.” READ MORE

The Internet copyright compromise: Takedown, repost, litigate

Mark Sableman July 10, 2013
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Copyright law clearly extends to the Internet, which may even constitute the most important area in which copyrighted works are copied, distributed and used. But, as usual, there are twists as to how copyright applies on the Internet. READ MORE