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Meeting disinformation with media literacy in 2020: A Q&A with Julie Smith

Mark Sableman January 15, 2020
Cubes displaying fake or fact

As the 2020 presidential campaign ramps up, so does the threat of disinformation on the internet. Julie Smith, professor of media literacy at Webster University, has provided insight on how ordinary news consumers can fight misinformation. READ MORE

Why we permit fake identities, even for Russian disinformation campaigns

Mark Sableman December 19, 2018
People covering their face with masks

The Senate report on Russia’s disinformation campaign does not challenge using fake identities on the internet to spread information, due in part to U.S. courts affirming the rights to online anonymous speech - even if it spreads anger and misinformation. READ MORE

Studies discuss difficulty of combatting disinformation

Mark Sableman Mike Nepple March 28, 2018
women gossip whispering secrets

The rise of disinformation ("fake news") is a social phenomenon affecting millions, if not billions, of people who use the internet. How do we weed out the misleading or inaccurate reports? The solution will be more complicated than we thought. READ MORE