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Is the Internet expanding privacy expectations?

Mark Sableman January 22, 2016

Contrary to the conventional wisdom, our expectations of privacy are not steadily and uniformly shrinking. In some cases, they are expanding. READ MORE

Missed Davos? Catch up online with the forum’s top Internet issues

Mark Sableman January 21, 2015

The “future of the Internet” is one of the 10 global challenges that Davos is examining in 2015, and the forum’s organizers have posted online a lot of interesting materials on this topic. READ MORE

Certifying privacy compliance: Is TRUSTe sufficiently trusty?

Mark Sableman November 26, 2014

TRUSTe’s recent settlement with the Federal Trade Commission, and its admission that it didn’t always carry out annual recertifications of its clients, illustrates, to some extent, how tough it is to find hard-and-fast assurances in the privacy world. READ MORE

The big data security risks of little things

Mark Sableman November 12, 2014

Call it what you will — Internet of Things (IoT), machine-to-machine communications (M2M), or the Intelligent Internet — it is increasingly affecting our lives. READ MORE

Journalism still struggling with an Internet that never forgets

Mark Sableman May 7, 2014

Continued publication of old information, particularly as to private persons, raises some ethical concerns. READ MORE

Court strikes down Illinois eavesdropping act, opens debate on privacy in the digital age

Mark Sableman March 24, 2014
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The two cases addressed by the Illinois court highlighted a major problem with strict-liability two-party consent eavesdropping laws — they criminalize citizen recordings of their interactions with police and other government officials. READ MORE

The newest mobile privacy issue: Tracking shoppers’ footsteps in stores

Mark Sableman March 6, 2014

As a modern American, you are carrying a smart phone that is constantly broadcasting its presence and the unique persistent identifier (MAC address) by which it is known, to the wireless world. You are broadcasting, and, in many cases, the stores are listening. READ MORE

Whitepaper roundup: Privacy, copyright, and digital advertising

Mark Sableman January 10, 2014
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For those interested in Internet law and policy issues, there are plenty of other official reports that you can use as primers and starting points for further research. READ MORE

California says you can track online, but you can't hide your tracking

Jennifer Visintine December 20, 2013

California law will soon require website and mobile app operators to disclose additional information in their privacy policies. READ MORE

Safe Harbor after Snowden: What are the EU’s biggest pain points on data privacy?

Mark Sableman December 5, 2013
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Unfortunately for U.S. and international businesses, the headline-making Snowden revelations are affecting international data transfers, which in many cases are crucial to business operations READ MORE

Ads made for me: How do consumers really feel about targeted online ads?

Mark Sableman September 13, 2013

Contrary to popular belief, companies don’t want to bombard consumers with loud, obnoxious ads (save for, perhaps, the remarkably noisy front page of the Baltimore Sun’s website leading up to Labor Day.) Such abrasive advertisements tend to push consumers away. READ MORE