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Three Lawyers and a Drone

Three Lawyers and a Drone

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Episode 5: Andrew Elefant of Kittyhawk

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In this episode, Three Lawyers and a Drone host their first guest: Andrew Elefant. Andrew is the Director of Legal and Policy at Kittyhawk, an enterprise drone software company based in San Francisco.  READ MORE

Episode 4: Public and government use of drones

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In this episode of Three Lawyers and a Drone, we discuss the controversial topic of drone usage by law enforcement. As aerial technology evolves, drones offer numerous uses to law enforcement and governmental entities  — they also raise numerous questions. READ MORE

Episode 3: Commercial UAS basics

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We cover the basic requirements that must be met before using a drone for business purposes under the FAA’s Small UAS Regulations, including piloting requirements; operating rules; and documentation requirements, including waivers and proof of training/certification. READ MORE

Episode 2: Tips for first-time drone operators

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We cover a number of tips for first-time drone flyers, including how and why you should register your UAS with the FAA, federal and local airspace restrictions and insurance issues related to any damage or injury that might be caused by your drone flight.  READ MORE

Episode 1: Drone disruptions at airports and public spaces

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In the first episode of our new podcast, Three Lawyers and a Drone, we discuss the issue of drone disruptions at airports and other public spaces, including recent high-profile disruptions at airports. READ MORE