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Walter Cupkovic


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With over 30 years of experience, Walter serves a diverse group of clients in the acquisition, development and sale of commercial, industrial and residential properties for corporate and real estate clients nationally and internationally.

He further assists clients with the resolution of title, environmental and governmental issues arising out of such transactions, and leasing of commercial and industrial properties, representing both landlords and tenants.

He has reviewed and negotiated numerous construction contracts, construction loan documentation and has prosecuted a substantial number of construction claims, including mechanics' lien and surety bond claims, many of which have involved complex bankruptcy issues.

Complex Real Estate Matter Experience

Negotiated and closed numerous commercial and industrial real estate transactions, on behalf of sellers and buyers, many in conjunction with the sale or acquisition of businesses and involving complex environmental issues, for a variety of clients, including a number of corporations which are members of one of the largest manufacturing group of companies in the United States.

Real Estate Leasing/Economic Incentives

Prepared and negotiated, nationally and internationally, several office, manufacturing, warehouse, retail (including, restaurants, clothing and specialty stores) and other types of commercial and industrial leases and license agreements for clients ranging from publicly traded companies to entrepreneurial privately held entities of all sizes. Many of these lease negotiations dealt with governmental or quasi-governmental entities and involved the securing of various economic or other tax related incentives.

Successful Prosecution of Construction Claims

Prosecuted successfully, throughout the United States, several substantial construction mechanics’ and materialmen lien, bond and trust theory claims, on private and federal, state, and local public projects, many involving bankruptcies of debtors, contractors and owners, or liquidation of sureties, for institutional manufacturing and construction clients.

Negotiating Construction Agreements

Drafted and negotiated various construction agreements on behalf of owners, design professionals, contractors, subcontractors and material suppliers.

Real Estate Development—Start to Finish

Assisted in the development of real estate for residential, commercial or industrial purposes from the initial performance of due diligence in connection with the acquisition of the raw land, including environmental due diligence, the subsequent acquisition of the raw land, obtaining economic incentives, zoning changes or variances, subdivision approvals and other necessary developmental approvals from governmental authorities, negotiating the loan, design professional and construction agreements and reviewing lien waivers and construction affidavits in connection with the construction process.

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