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Warren Dean, Jr.


Washington, D.C.
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Warren focuses on federal regulation of business, both domestic and international, and represents several of the nation's largest transportation and energy interests before the courts, federal agencies, and Congress in Washington, DC. He has handled complex regulatory, antitrust, and tax controversies involving the transportation sector.

Warren chairs the Supreme Court Practice Group. His practice is concentrated in the field of international transportation services and other transborder transactions. He represented the U.S. airline industry in obtaining regulatory approval of new liability rules for passengers, Senate approval of new amendments to the Warsaw Convention, and a Supreme Court decision upholding the Convention's preemption of state law causes of action.

Warren also represents international shipping interests and chaired a coalition that was successful in reforming the taxation of shipping income. He argued and won a case before the Supreme Court affirming the immunity of state instrumentalities from private lawsuits in federal administrative proceedings. The case involved a complaint filed against the South Carolina Ports Authority.

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Supreme Court to decide limits of attorney client privilege: Why the Ninth Circuit decision spells disaster for the sanctity of legal advice


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