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Deprizio waivers in bankruptcy cases: Valid, or a sham?

May 15, 2015
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The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in In Re Adamson Apparel, Inc. became the first appellate court to address the validity of “Deprizio waivers." In Adamson, the court held that because the Deprizio waiver was not a “sham” provision, the insider was not a creditor of the debtor that could be subject to a preference action. The decision carved out a fact-based avenue for analysis that will likely lead to increased litigation across the country on the issue of Deprizio waivers. READ MORE

New value defense preserved for three-party transactions

Brian Hockett April 4, 2014

New value is an important defense to preference liability under the Bankruptcy Code. In a very important decision, the Eighth Circuit recently addressed how the new value defense to preference liability should be applied in three-party payment arrangement. READ MORE