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Internet Law Twists & Turns

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Too hyperbolic to be believed: How social media is transforming libel law

Mark Sableman October 23, 2018
Illustration of angry social media

The Stormy Daniels versus President Trump case has clearly changed how we think about facts and truth. The trial court’s analysis, including examining the President’s social media use, has broadened the scope of what is considered opinion in today’s libel cases. READ MORE

Trump libel win based on Trump libel loss

Mark Sableman January 17, 2017

The decision in Jacobus v Trump could also be seen to signal a new social acceptance of an increasingly intemperate, belittling and demeaning political dialog. READ MORE

Can you be sued for posting your opinions on the Internet?

Mark Sableman September 8, 2015

Most efforts to prevent or penalize Internet comments and criticism are crushed in the court of public opinion even before they reach the courthouse. READ MORE