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Muting Misinformation: What’s the role of social media companies?

Mark Sableman August 17, 2020
Illustration of a figure with a TV head speaking through a megaphone, and someone changing the channel

In Part 2 of our series on political misinformation, we explore if social media companies can be relied upon to vet and clean up their content during the 2020 political campaign. READ MORE

Trump libel win based on Trump libel loss

Mark Sableman January 17, 2017

The decision in Jacobus v Trump could also be seen to signal a new social acceptance of an increasingly intemperate, belittling and demeaning political dialog. READ MORE

Rapper rumble leads to legal rumble over use of tweet

Mark Sableman February 8, 2016

The big takeaway from this case, as from other Twitter libel cases, is that even those tiny 140-character-limited messages known as tweets can lead to full-fledged litigation, subject to the same full and painstaking linguistic and legal scrutiny as any other case. READ MORE

Courtney Love, Yelp and Internet libel: Nevermind, it’s not a trend

Mark Sableman February 24, 2014

With the Internet, far more communications are published than ever before. And yet the rate of libel suits — claims for damage based on disparaging communications — is much lower than before the Internet. More communications, fewer disparagement claims. It seems counterintuitive. READ MORE