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Mobile targeting: A ‘secret weapon’ for good or ill?

Mark Sableman April 26, 2017

This case shows that where highly personal health care matters are involved, targeting can be seen as invading the recipients’ privacy. READ MORE

California says you can track online, but you can't hide your tracking

Jennifer Visintine December 20, 2013

California law will soon require website and mobile app operators to disclose additional information in their privacy policies. READ MORE

What’s the future of free speech protections for advertisements?

Mark Sableman November 8, 2013

Even as advertising starts to look more like journalism, there’s one thing that ads certainly share with news content: First Amendment protection. READ MORE

Ads made for me: How do consumers really feel about targeted online ads?

Mark Sableman September 13, 2013

Contrary to popular belief, companies don’t want to bombard consumers with loud, obnoxious ads (save for, perhaps, the remarkably noisy front page of the Baltimore Sun’s website leading up to Labor Day.) Such abrasive advertisements tend to push consumers away. READ MORE

Instant message conversation forms instant contract

Mark Sableman July 12, 2013
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As a notable Internet advertising contract case shows, you can make or modify a contract with a few words transmitted by instant message. READ MORE