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Amazon and U.S. IPR Center announce “Operation Fulfilled Action”

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The U.S. government’s IPR Center and Amazon have announced a joint effort to address counterfeit goods entering the U.S. The operation will analyze data and conduct targeted inspections aimed at preventing counterfeit products from entering the U.S. supply chain. READ MORE

Blogs and other short online works now easier to register for copyrights

Justin Mulligan June 25, 2020
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Starting August 17, writers of blogs and other short online works will be able to register up to fifty copyrightable works with a single application and a standard fee. READ MORE

WHOIS data still headed off the GDPR cliff

Mark Sableman April 26, 2018

Despite efforts of the international domain name authority to save the WHOIS database, it still appears likely to black out after GDPR becomes effective. And the blackout could herald other changes for this often-used and essential database, including toll gates. READ MORE

WHOIS that infringer, and how do I find him after GDPR?

Mark Sableman April 2, 2018

When a website infringed your trademark or copyright, or otherwise violated your rights, the first place you likely went was to the WHOIS database, to find out who owned and operated that website. That database has been a great tool for intellectual property owners, and others who have fought misuse of their rights on the Internet. But many parts of the WHOIS database are likely to slip out of public view. READ MORE