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Internet Law Twists & Turns

Internet Law Twists & Turns

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Executive order targeting social media companies unlikely to change foundational internet law

Mark Sableman May 29, 2020
Illustration of a smartphone using social media

Don’t count on President Trump’s executive order overturning or significantly restricting the statute that has governed internet freedom in the United States for the last 24 years. READ MORE

InfoWars takedown over coronavirus misinformation illustrates value of Internet oversight

Mark Sableman April 6, 2020
Illustration of a man disinfecting a fake news article about a virus

Google’s recent removal of Alex Jones’ InfoWars from its Google Play service, because of false and misleading information it had been transmitting about the coronavirus, isn’t an aberration. That kind of oversight is encouraged by a key Internet law, section 230, that is now under attack from various fronts. READ MORE

When politi-fact veers into politi-fiction, broadcast and internet advertising rules diverge sharply

Mark Sableman November 26, 2019
Illustration of television ad

The legal duties of publishers, broadcasters and social media companies to vet political advertisements duties vary according to the medium involved. In particular, broadcasting and the internet—the two most popular media for political ads—are subject to quite different legal standards. READ MORE

Concerns about misinformation could lead to limits on key media freedoms

Mark Sableman June 26, 2019
Illustration of large hand reaching out from phone to halt a user

The ability to publish almost anything on the internet without censorship is increasingly facing scrutiny from important voices, with some suggesting it may be time to change the law. Internet intermediaries must now strike a balance between censorship and publishing rights to avoid tipping two far in either direction. READ MORE