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The CARES Act: More options for higher education

U.S. capitol dome

This is a brief overview of provisions of the CARES Act that, while not designed specifically for higher education, are nonetheless relevant to institutions in their roles as businesses and employers, and which may provide opportunities for economic relief. READ MORE

The CARES Act: Summary of provisions impacting higher education institutions and borrowers

Capitol at night

In this article, we provide a brief overview of the provisions of the CARES Act that most directly concern institutions of higher education and their borrowers. In some cases, the statutory language contemplates extraordinary waivers, assistance, and accommodations, with very little detail regarding when and how such relief will become available. READ MORE

COVID-19: Is there a silver lining for higher education?

Aaron Lacey March 26, 2020
An empty college classroom with desks and a podium

The onset of COVID-19 on institutions of higher ed has come at a time when the industry is already facing significant financial distress and declining enrollment. However, for institutions who survive this hardship, there is reason to believe that the hard times that have plagued higher education in recent years might finally abate. READ MORE

Immigration and COVID-19: What does higher ed need to know?

Kelly Simon March 20, 2020
Illustration of a diverse crowd all wearing medical masks

In response to the Coronavirus, many colleges and universities have closed their campuses and shifted to online instruction. From F-1 students to foreign national faculty, physicians and staff, stakeholders across higher ed find themselves in the midst of a constantly evolving immigration environment, including new travel restrictions, suspension of visa services and more. READ MORE