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Education malpractice and student litigation: Achieving early dismissal

May 10, 2016

How should an institution go about exposing educational malpractice claims? The first, and simplest, option is to move to dismiss the offending claims. Because claims involving educational malpractice can often be determined from the face of the complaint, courts will find that they are barred as a matter of law. READ MORE

Education malpractice and student litigation: How to assess claims

May 3, 2016

Claims for educational malpractice often get overlooked because they do not, on their face, clearly implicate the provision of educational services. Regardless, courts often find that claims are barred because the doctrine is broadly defined. READ MORE

Education malpractice and student litigation: New lessons learned

April 26, 2016

We begin today a three-part series exploring recent cases that have attempted to repackage education malpractice claims into various types of breach of contract or negligence actions. READ MORE