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Budget Reconciliation

An illustration of two hands exchanging money for a contract

In this month's Wonkology, our Lobbying & Policy team takes a look at budget reconciliation and how the process can be used to expedite the passage of budget-related legislation. READ MORE


Ben Grove Christopher Murray October 2, 2020

In this month's Wonkology, we examine the filibuster and it's use in the Senate to prevent or delay a measure from coming to a vote. READ MORE

Nuclear Option

Nuclear cooling tours and energy plant next to a river

What is the "nuclear option" in the Senate? Find out in this month's Wonkology from our Lobbying & Policy team! READ MORE


Cherry blossoms leaning over reflecting pool near Jefferson Memorial

In this month's Wonkology, our Lobbying & Policy team discuss the Senate process that brings debate on a measure, like a filibuster, to a close. READ MORE


Jack Jacobson Ken Salomon March 10, 2015
U.S. Capital building at dusk

A budgetary process by which Congress is able to pass legislation in an expedited manner in order to bring mandatory entitlement spending levels in line with the current budget resolution. READ MORE