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Caveat creditor: Risks of filing an involuntary bankruptcy

Brian Hockett April 3, 2017
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Creditors considering filing or joining in the filing of an involuntary bankruptcy petition, and the attorneys that represent them, have much to deliberate before becoming involved in an involuntary bankruptcy filing. READ MORE

U.S. Supreme Court’s decision in Clark won’t impact inherited IRAs of Missouri residents

David Warfield June 17, 2014

A debtor may shield from collection by creditors assets that the debtor holds in Individual Retirement Account (IRA). However, as more IRA owners die with substantial assets remaining in their accounts, a new question has arisen: Can a debtor exempt an IRA that she inherited from someone other than her spouse? READ MORE

Receivership reforms, part two: Establishing and empowering receivers

David Warfield September 16, 2013

Many modern statutes recognize two basic types of receiverships. The first, called a “limited” or “custodial” receivership is one where the receiver is appointed to hold specific identified property pending a more complete resolution of the respective parties’ rights in the property. The second, called a “general” receivership, involves all assets of the entity with the stated purpose of selling or liquidating the entity. READ MORE