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Missouri court rules jury waiver applies here, there, and everywhere

November 15, 2013

What happens when one loan document contains a jury waiver but another doesn’t? For the lender, all may not be lost. That was another important holding from the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District in Midland Property Partners, LLC v. Richard Watkins. READ MORE

New credit agreement language goes into effect in Missouri on August 28

David Warfield August 16, 2013

Lenders dealing with Missouri borrowers should be aware of a small, but very important, change in Missouri law regarding credit agreements that becomes effective on August 28, 2013. READ MORE

Consider litigating spousal guaranties in federal court to avoid the Equal Credit Opportunity Act

Jeff Fink April 30, 2013

If the Equal Credit Opportunity Act is violated, the spousal guaranty may be void or, even worse, the financial institution may face liability. In Missouri and Illinois, whether the ECOA applies to a spousal guaranty depends on whether the financial institution attempts to enforce the spousal guaranty in federal or state court. READ MORE

Keep rejected loan applicants in the loop or face possible punitive damages

Jeff Fink April 18, 2013

If a bank has approved a loan application but later changes its mind, it should promptly advise the loan applicant; otherwise, the bank may face liability for punitive damages. This was the lesson in Bailey v. Hawthorn Bank before the Missouri Court of Appeals Western District. READ MORE

Internal bank documents can satisfy written credit agreement requirement of Missouri Credit Agreement Act

Jeff Fink April 9, 2013

In a recent case, the Missouri Court of Appeals ruled that the Missouri Credit Agreement Act’s requirements can be satisfied by internal bank documents that indicate that the bank has agreed to make a loan even if the documents are never shared with the loan applicant. READ MORE