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Dude, your car is with your creditor: How the Supreme Court’s decision on automatic stays may impact creditors

January 21, 2021
Two truck towing an SUV vehicle

The Supreme Court has held in City of Chicago v. Fulton that a creditor does not violate the automatic stay by merely retaining possession of the debtor’s property after a bankruptcy filing. Creditors will no longer have to immediately surrender property in their possession to the debtor to avoid liability for violating the automatic stay. READ MORE

The Federal Priority Act: How ‘secure’ is a secured creditor if the debtor is subject to a federal claim or investigation?

Claire Schenk October 10, 2018
two arms carving up piles of money - one is Uncle Sam

Under the Federal Priority Act, the government gets paid first if it has an outstanding claim when businesses or individuals become insolvent. But a review of relevant case law suggests that creditors who hold a prior perfected interest in a debtor’s real or personal property may still have a fighting chance in an ensuing priority battle. READ MORE

Three key changes for bankruptcy procedures in 2018

January 23, 2018
illustrated collage of bank buildings

The New Year brings with it new changes to the bankruptcy code. These recent rule changes apply to any case filed after December 1, 2017, and may apply retroactively to pending proceedings in those instances where it would be “just and practicable.” READ MORE

Fisker bankruptcy update: Should secured creditors really be concerned?

February 28, 2014

The opinion by the Delaware bankruptcy court in In re Fisker Auto. Holdings, Inc., raised alarm bells for secured creditors throughout the country. Many worry that it will diminish the valuable right of secured creditors to credit bid, READ MORE