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Tracking Cannabis

Tracking Cannabis

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Branding your bud: New U.S. Trademark Office guidelines for cannabis

Jennifer Visintine May 9, 2019
Marijuana plant leaf and buds

With the December 20, 2018 signing of the 2018 Farm Bill, companies seeking federal registration of trademarks for goods derived from “hemp” may be able to protect their brands. The Trademark Office issued new guidelines governing the examination of applications for such goods on May 2, 2019. READ MORE

Thompson Coburn advises clients on state laws governing the business of cannabis to facilitate compliance with those state laws. Federal laws concerning cannabis currently conflict with state laws in states that have legalized cannabis or possession of cannabis. Although federal enforcement policy may at times defer to these states’ laws and not enforce conflicting federal laws, interested businesses and individuals should be aware that compliance with state law in no way assures compliance with federal law, and there is a risk that conflicting federal laws may be enforced in the future. In addition to this Cannabis-specific note, readers should review Thompson Coburn’s Conditions of Use / Disclaimers page containing other important information.