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Budget Reconciliation

An illustration of two hands exchanging money for a contract

In this month's Wonkology, our Lobbying & Policy team takes a look at budget reconciliation and how the process can be used to expedite the passage of budget-related legislation. READ MORE


Pile of hundred dollar bills

In this month's Wonkology, we discuss how Congress can use sequestration to control their budget and deficit. READ MORE

Gephardt Rule

Rolled U.S. dollars arranged to appear like a bar graph

What is the Gephardt Rule? A House rule that automatically raises the debt limit without holding a separate vote. READ MORE


Christopher Murray Ben Grove March 11, 2019
two arms carving up piles of money - one is Uncle Sam

In this Wonkology, we take a look at PAYGO - the budget rule that requires revenue-neutral taxing or spending. READ MORE

Reprogramming of Funds

Ben Grove Christopher Murray February 15, 2019
Illustration of four hands pulling at a dollar

How does can the Executive Branch move funds without Congressional approval? Find out in this month's Wonkology. READ MORE


An illustration of two hands exchanging money for a contract

What is rescission? The elimination or reduction in appropriations by the President, contingent upon congressional approval. READ MORE

Blue Slip (House)

Illustration of four hands pulling at a dollar

In our second installment on Blue Slips, we discuss how the House can return Senate-oriented legislation violating the House's revenue-raising authority. READ MORE

Joint Committee on Taxation

tax forms

What is the Joint Committee on Taxation? Find out in this month's edition of Wonkology, from our Lobbying & Policy team. READ MORE