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Presidential Transition Act

Christopher Murray Ben Grove December 3, 2020
White House

In this month's Wonkology, we discuss the federal statute that governs the presidential transition process: the Presidential Transition Act. READ MORE

Presidential Electors

Ben Grove Christopher Murray November 3, 2020
Capitol at night

In this month’s Wonkology, we discuss Presidential Electors, the individuals selected to vote for president and vice president in the Electoral College. READ MORE


Ben Grove Christopher Murray October 2, 2020

In this month's Wonkology, we examine the filibuster and it's use in the Senate to prevent or delay a measure from coming to a vote. READ MORE

Congressional Review Act

Ben Grove Christopher Murray September 3, 2020
U.S. Capital building at dusk

In this month's Wonkology, we discuss a process that allows Congress to nullify a federal agency regulation by submitting a joint resolution of disapproval for the president to sign. READ MORE

Legislative Day

Ben Grove Christopher Murray August 3, 2020
U.S. capitol dome

In this month's Wonkology, we discuss the a legislative day, a period of time that begins when a chamber of Congress gavels into session and ends when the chamber formally adjourns. READ MORE

Unanimous Consent

Cherry blossoms leaning over reflecting pool near Jefferson Memorial

In this edition of Wonkology, we discuss the parliamentary tool that allows for the expedited passage of legislation by common agreement. READ MORE


Calculator and money

In this month's Wonkology, we discuss anomalies - provisions in a continuing resolution that can change the duration, amount, or purpose of appropriated funds. READ MORE

Manager's Amendment

Capitol at night

What is a manager's amendment? A package of amendments introduced by the chair or lead sponsor of a piece of legislation. READ MORE

Deem and Pass


What is Deem and Pass? A process in the House of Representatives that allows for the passage of legislation by voting on a rule - and not the actual bill. READ MORE


Pile of hundred dollar bills

In this month's Wonkology, we discuss how Congress can use sequestration to control their budget and deficit. READ MORE

Gephardt Rule

Rolled U.S. dollars arranged to appear like a bar graph

What is the Gephardt Rule? A House rule that automatically raises the debt limit without holding a separate vote. READ MORE


two arms carving up piles of money - one is Uncle Sam

In this Wonkology, we take a look at PAYGO - the budget rule that requires revenue-neutral taxing or spending. READ MORE

President Pro Tempore

The U.S. Constitution

Who is the President Pro Tempore, and what are their duties? Find out in this month's Wonkology! READ MORE

Toss Up


Happy Election Day! In this Wonkology, we discuss what it means when an election is described as a toss up. READ MORE

Wave Election

Christopher Murray Ben Grove September 13, 2018
An ocean wave

In this month's Wonkology, we discuss what defines a "wave election" and their significance in Congress. READ MORE

Franking Privilege

An illustration of envelopes flooding into a mailbox

In this month's Wonkology, we discuss franking privileges, the authority granted by Congress to itself to send mail to constituents free of charge. READ MORE